IcAUMS 2023 Bali-Indonesia


The main airport in Bali is officially known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, but most people refer to it as Bali airport or Denpasar airport. It's a bit confusing for first-time visitors as the airport is located 13 km to the north, not far from Bali's capital, Denpasar.

One of the first things you will want to know is how long it will take from the airport to Sanur or from Sanur to the airport. It all depends on traffic and the time you arrive.

The distance between Denpasar Airport and Sanur is 16 km. The journey from Denpasar Airport to Sanur can be done by taking Taxi, Bus, Shuttle bus, Bluebird Taxi, Go-Jek Motorbike Taxi. It is easy to get to Sanur from Denpasar Airport by Taxi. You will reach your destination in approx. 20-30 min. Taxi combines convenience and comfort and allows you to arrive right at your hotel. Taxi is one of the fastest way to travel to Sanur. Go straight to the arrival hall to find yourself a taxi. The fare amount comes out to be approx. IDR 200k. A cab ride can be a good opportunity to read the travel guide to prepare yourself.

Public transport at the airport is very limited and the official airport taxi is expensive. Bluebird Taxi which can be booked through an app is a better option. If you a solo traveler carrying only a backpack, cheapest option is Go-Jek motorbike taxi, which can be booked on an app.

The best way to get around Sanur is by bike. Because Sanur is quieter than most other towns in the southern end of Bali, riding a bike is easy and safe. To visit accommodation and tourism destinations, it is recommended to simply book a private driver. Private drivers are also great for day trips from Sanur to discover other parts of Bali, various activities and the culture that make Bali so special.

It doesn’t matter where we are in Sanur or other places in Bali, the it is recommended to use a Bluebird taxi. All Bluebird drivers are security checked the cars are tracked and drivers have an ID card on the dashboard of the car which must be visible to all passengers and at all times. For ease of contacting and safety you can take a photo of the driver’s ID. 

You may also have great experiences with Go-Jek or Grab, which can be booked by app, and use them a number of times, mainly to travel from the south end of Sanur to the north end of Sanur at night, when it was too far to ride a bike to dinner or the Night Markets at Sanur.

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