IcAUMS 2023 Bali-Indonesia

Presentation Guideline

Oral Presentation Guideline

  • Oral presentations have a duration of 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Oral presentations must be conducted at the venue (Offline Presentation) according to the program schedule.
  • Please present yourself to the Session Chair in advance of the session.
  • Please prepare your talk such that you will end on time. Session chairs will be advised to keep a strict timing.
  • Your presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe PDF) in English are absolutely needed. Speakers must use their own notebooks or other media devices. If the speaker wants to use streaming media, then they must test whether the online connection is working properly before the presentation session begins. If you plan to present a video or show any demos, it may be advisable to test it first for the video screen and audio playback so that it can work as it should be.
Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation Tips
  • Slides should be readable to the unaided eye.
  • Format: The best use of the given presentation space (screen) can be achieved by presenting in 16:9.
  • Fonts: Widely used sans serif fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are recommended for clarity and compatibility. Light colored text on a dark background is advised. Avoid using red or green.
  • Embedding media: PowerPoint embeds image files directly into the file when you save them, while video files are not embedded. Only a link is made to the video file. Copy the video clips you want to insert into the same folder as the PowerPoint file. This will eliminate the problem of PowerPoint losing the link to the file.
  • Streaming: If you want to stream media, it is advised to use local playback instead, as sufficient speed of the WiFi connection cannot be guaranteed at all times.
  • Important: Prepare your presentation as a single file to run on a PC, as a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation format file (in ppt or pptx file type).

Poster Presentation Guideline

  • Short poster presentations have a duration of 2 minutes (Presenters must prepare a presentation with 3-4 slides) and continue for further discussion at the Poster Session.
  • Participants must print a poster in the form of an X-banner (with the size commonly used is 60x160cm) or you may use Roll-up Banner (with the size of 60 cm x 160 cm for advanced poster)¬†and send a soft copy (pdf format) to the IcAUMS Committee (icaums.ims@gmail.com) before August 12, 2023. Please bring your own poster and take it to the conference, the organizing committee does not provide a printer at the venue.
  • Poster presenters must bring their own X banner holder that has to be installed at the Poster Session.
  • The poster presentation should cover all key aspects of the work and contain the following items, where applicable: Abstract, Introduction, Materials, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References, and Acknowledgments (if necessary).
  • Title should be in bold. Author affiliations and e-mail addresses should be included.
  • You will be notified when you are scheduled to present your poster for attendees to see. It is important that you are present during this time schedule, to answer questions. You are free to participate and present your poster in additional poster sessions if you wish.
  • Ensure your poster is placed on the assigned poster board for the duration of your assigned poster session. In case of emergency, poster presenters who are unable to present should contact the secretariat at icaums.ims@gmail.com to notify us.
  • Stand at your poster during your assigned presentation time. Also, the IcAUMS 2023 secretariat is not responsible for any posters that are not removed at the designated time. Posters left in the poster board after that time may be discarded.
Poster Recommendations
  • Extensive narrative is not necessary. Short and bulleted statements are preferred.
  • The results presented in the form of pictures, diagrams, graphs etc. are preferred but can be presented in a clear and concise tabular format.
  • All types must be at least 14 pt and can be read from one meter away. Use standard fonts/typography (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman).
  • Avoid background images and watermarks that may detract from the readability of your poster.
  • All posters should be printed with a laser or other high-quality printer.
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