IcAUMS 2023 Bali-Indonesia

"Migaku Award" Best Poster Award

The Migaku Award is funded by a donation from Prof. Migaku Takahashi’s family after he passed away in 2014. Their will is to use this fund for activating the Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (AUMS) community. As one of the key members, the late Prof. Migaku Takahashi established AUMS on January 1st in 2009. He passionately tried to tie Asian countries for the goal of AUMS, that is, promoting the advancement in magnetism, magnetic materials, and applications for the area of research, development, and education. “Migaku Award” is named from his first name with a hope for young researchers to take over Prof. Migaku Takahashi’s mind-set to pursue his/her own goal.
The fund for the Migaku Award is managed by the Magnetics Society of Japan (MSJ). The Migaku Award (Best Poster Award) is given by The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies to encourage the presentation of papers by students. These competitions recognize and encourage excellence in graduate studies in the field of magnetism.

Eligibility Requirements
  1. The applicant should be the 1st author of his (or her) paper and currently a graduate student in magnetics.
  2. The applicant needs to present the poster by himself (or herself).
  3. Students must also submit an extended 2-page abstracts of their presentations by May 31, 2023 (extended).
  4. The winner will be selected at the conference by the Migaku Award Committee and will be announced during the conference.
        A prize worth 10,000 JPY will be awarded to the winner with the certificate. And certificates will be awarded to finalists.

Download the format of an extended 2-page abstract 

Submit to Secretariat of IcAUMS 2023 (icaums.ims@gmail.com)

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